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Collectibles > Chibi Mini Boulangerie: Cakes & A Crush
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Chibi Mini Boulangerie: Cakes & A Crush

Marinette’s family owns the famous Parisian bakery, Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie. Now you can open Master Fu’s Miracle Box and enter a cute mini chibi world based on that Boulangerie! It’s full of goodies like a moving staircase, oven, spinning cake, cash register and more!

SHORT N SWEET: The set includes mini chibi versions of Marinette and Adrien!

FULL OF TREATS: The Mini Boulangerie playset is decorated with cake, pastry, bread, and other baked goods!

SO MUCH FUN! Chat with a special someone in the familiar seating area, or help out behind the counter!

SO MANY SURPRISES: Discover a Kwami surprise under the flip-up staircase, open the oven door, and spin the rotating cake!

FLIP OUT: The Mini Boulangerie playset comes with a table that flips to show different sweets!

HELP OUT: Work behind the cash register to take care of customers!

CHECK IT OUT: Raise the bakery menu board to display the tasty specials of the day.

WATCH A VIDEO: Scan the QR code on the packaging to watch an exclusive chibi short video and continue the story with this Miraculous playset!

EXPAND THE WORLD: Expand the magical chibi world with the Miraculous Chibi Minis Amusement Park Miracle Box playset!