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In this new 1-hour TV Special on Disney+, everything is reversed in the Re-verse! In this alternate universe, the Ladybug and Cat Miraculous are used for evil by Shadybug and Claw Noir! To stop these villains, Re-Alya (the Re-verse’s Alya Césaire) transforms into Ubiquity, a superhero with the ability to open portals. Now, it’s time for her to travel to Ladybug’s Paris and create a Miraculous new team to save the day!

DETAILED DESIGN: Capture Ubiquity’s stellar new superhero looks with a rich purple outfit that features white, pink, and light purple detailing. It complements her long, purple two-tone hair perfectly!

ACCESSORIES: In addition to her superhero suit with portal-inspired detail, Ubiquity’s accessories include tall boots, shimmery translucent cape, and detachable visor.

FULLY POSEABLE: Ubiquity doll stands 10.5” and is fully articulated, ready to defend Paris with her Miraculous friends, Ladybug and Cat Noir!

MAGICAL VISOR: Ubiquity’s detachable visor fits over her superhero mask and matches it perfectly!

COLLECT THEM ALL: Complete your Miraculous team! Collect all of Ubiquity’s super allies with additional Playmates Toys dolls, inspired by the Miraculous show and TV Specials!